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Prenatal Yoga


Suitable for mums to be who are more than 14 weeks pregnant. Giving you time to rest, relax and connect with your baby. 

The sessions will focus on breath work, relaxation techniques and movement to help in pregnancy and birth. A chance to meet other woman sharing this incredible journey and gain a sense of community. 

Yoga at Home


These sessions are designed to create a nurturing space for woman to restore their energy, gain a sense of belonging and recover from pregnancy, birth and day to day mothering. 

Working through exercises to relieve achy muscles with gentle stretching and breath work. An opportunity to share experiences, gain support and take the time to be kind to yourself. 

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby


A chance to exercise, relax, bond with your baby, and meet other mums.

Helping to improve your core strength, relieve tension, anxiety and be part of a supportive community. Suitable for mum’s with babies over 6 weeks (12 post c-section) until your baby is on the move.

Pre & Postnatal Yoga: Classes
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